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Is Your Project Right For

This is a question that we get asked literally every day here at  Because of our substantial purchasing power and ability to rapidly consume millions of dollars of real estate, many developers, builders, and brokers want to have their projects presented.

WE WANT YOUR PROJECT to help feed our every growing appetite.  While we perform very careful analysis to determine suitability, here 3 simple tests that you can perform.  IF YOU ANSWER YES TO THESE QUESTIONS, WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU?

Questions To Ask Yourself

  1. Is there more than 20 units that need rapid purchase or purchase commitments?

  2. Can these brought to our investors at a real discount to market?

  3. Looking at gross annual rents for the property, are they larger than 9% of purchase price? (see examples below).

If these answers are yes, email us some details


1.  Duplex, monthly rent $900 per side ($1,800 total), purchase



     Annual Income:  $1800*12 = $21,600

     Percentage:         $21,600 /$200,000 = 10.8% --- YES



2.  Vacation Rental, $300,000 Purchase.  $3000 per month

     during 6 month "On" Season, $1,200 per month "Off" Season


     Annual Income:  $25,200

     Percentage:         $25,200/$300,000 = 8.4% --- No






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