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Creating Wealth With Preconstruction Teleseminar Series

"How Do I Really Learn To Excel As An Investor?"

This Is A Common Question Asked By Investors. 

Are You In This Situation As Well?


Questions on your mind might be.....

  How Can I Participate In 100%+ Gains While Taking On Minimal Risk?
  I'm New And I Need Somebody To Guide Me But Who?
  Which Projects Are Worth An Investment?
  What If I Make A Mistake?
  How Much Money Will I Really Need?
  Once Successful, How Do I Really Explode My Portfolio?



From:  Dr. Chris Anderson

To:      Potential Investor

During a recent class that we taught at the Learning Annex in New York City, I made an interesting discovery: many people who are excited about preconstruction investing are not taking action because they are confused on some aspects.  In that class, we actually made several investments (using play money) that were based on real world projects that had either made or lost money.

To me, the results were amazing.  Within this short class period, I watched as many people went from not having any idea about preconstruction investing, to really understanding the concept and making smart investing decisions.

In addition, I opened up the floor for tons of questions.  As one person would ask a question, I noticed 10 other people would be nodding their head as if they were confused as well.  Once the question was answered, you could see lots of light bulbs going off throughout the class.

To make a long story a little shorter, the outcome of even this short 3-hour course was really amazing for people because of all the live interaction that could be done.  This got us thinking about how could we bring this same atmosphere and learning experience to investors at GetPreConstructionDeals.com.

The result of that exercise is what we call the:

Live Creating Wealth With Preconstruction Teleseminar Series

So let me introduce the concept.  If you have further questions, e-mail me by clicking here.

What Is The Creating Wealth With Preconstruction Teleseminar Series?

  8 classes (approximately 90- minutes each) over a 4-week period
  35 Student limit per class
  Call- in phone number for everybody to interact
  Live internet displays of information and audio via the phone
  Opportunities to invest (not real $) in multiple investments
  Course is taught by Dr. Chris Anderson, real estate investor and co-founder of GetPreConstructionDeals.com


What Topics Will Be Covered?

Day 1:  Introduction To Preconstruction

  Your Role In Financing
  What is Preconstruction
  Stages Of Preconstruction
  Why Are The Timelines So Crazy


Day 2:  Estimating Gain Potential

  Review of Homework 1 with Q/A
  Speculation versus Built in Equity
  Supply & Demand
  What determines demand?
  State/County/City/Product Level
  Professional Demand/Supply Estimates
  Demand Sources (real vs. investor)
  Running tests ads


Day 3:  Determining Investment Risk

  Review of Homework 2 with Q/A
  Expectancy (light) small loses ok
  Methods To Mitigate Risk
Quick Sale
Owner Finance
  Calculating rents and exposure
Rental demand
Net Cashflow
  Anatomy of a RE Slowdown
  Anatomy of a RE Crash


Day 4:  Quantifying Your Investments

  Review of Homework 3 with Q/A
  Learning to use our spreadsheet for investment analysis
  Factoring in all costs
  Different measures of a good investment


Day 5:  Doing A "Boots On The Ground"

  Review of Homework 4 with Q/A
  How do you visit an area and come back with confidence about your investment?
  Tools normally for professionals but available to the individual


Day 6:  Becoming A Serial Investor

  Review of Homework 5 with Q/A
  Why the gain, or loss, of any 1 investment is typically irrelevant.
  Importance of credit
  The concept of using the "market's money"
  The issue of correlation
  Is investing from afar really that bad?
  Concept of "Total Portfolio Exposure"
  The role of 1031
  Using time and different time scales to lower total risk
  What are your objectives?


Day 7:  Methods To Finance Your Purchase

  Review of Homework 6 with Q/A
  Using a HELOC
  Using a self directed IRA
  Letters Of Credit
  Stated Versus Full Doc
  Investor vs owner occupied
  Using LLC’s to pool funds (Accredited)


Day 8:  Common Problems Faced By Investors

  Review of Homework 7 with Q/A
  Developer wont allow assignment – LLC trick
  Developer requires 1 year – Next Project
  Project of the day problem
  Want to get on good lists in specific areas - Pooling


Other Common Questions 

"What If I Miss A Class Because Of Being Out Of Town?"  All classes will be recorded for replay.

"How Do I See What You Are Presenting?"  Simple.  Setup your phone next to your computer with internet access.  You will be given a web page address to see the material.  Simple navigation buttons (i.e. Next, Previous, etc.) allow you to keep up with ease.

"Can I Ask Questions?"  Yes, that is the point of doing it this way

"What If I Find Out This Is Not For Me?"  After the Day 1, we believe you will be able to easily judge if this is for you.  If, for any reason after this Day 1 class, and before Day 2 starts, we will gladly refund your money if you change your mind.

"When Are The Classes?"  The classes are held Tuesday and Thursday nights starting at exactly 8:30 p.m. Eastern Time (according to www.time.gov). 

"What If More Than 35 People Signup?"  People that do not get into the first class offering will be offered first chance for the next class.

"When Will The Next Class Begin"  Completely depends upon demand from the original class.

Anything Else That I Should Know?

To complete the education package and get you moving along the way rapidly, we will be offering two free bonuses upon your course completion:

  Audio CD's extracted from our Home Study Course;
  3 Months membership in our MasterMind Group.

How Much Will All Of This Cost?

We have tried very hard to keep the cost of this investment small to make it available for lots of people that we believe could benefit.  If all of this material was presented in a 2-3 day live workshop, the cost would typically be $1,500 plus travel costs and time. 

For this initial course, we are offering the Preconstruction Live Teleseminar Series at $397 per student.  We reserve to change this price for future course offerings.

Class Schedule

Below is the outline of the class schedule.  The classes are two times a week and will start at 8:30 p.m. (Eastern Time).  The entire course runs over a 4 week period.

Day 1:  Tuesday, Week 1, 8:30 p.m. EST

Day 2:  Thursday, Week 1, 8:30 p.m. EST

Day 3:  Tuesday, Week 2, 8:30 p.m. EST

Day 4:  Thursday, Week 2, 8:30 p.m. EST

Day 5:  Tuesday, Week 3, 8:30 p.m. EST

Day 6:  Thursday, Week 3, 8:30 p.m. EST

Day 7:   Tuesday, Week 4, 8:30 p.m. EST

Day 8:  Thursday, Week 4, 8:30 p.m. EST


Get Your Spot Reserved Today!

We are now taking advanced registration for the next session of the Teleseminar Class.  This should be starting late September.  If you are going to attend this class, reserve you spot today by filling out the form below.  While we are not collecting any monies at this time, we do ask that only serious participants sign up. 




I look forward to working with you!


Chris Anderson, PhD




For a brief look at the instructor, Dr. Chris Anderson, click here!

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