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Pre-Construction Real Estate Information

Southern Shore Resort

Lakeshore, Mississippi





NOTE:  By providing preconstruction real estate project information on this web site, the owners of this web site are in no way endorsing these preconstruction projects. Purchasing preconstruction projects for personal or investment use does contain inherent risks and any interested party should do their own due diligence.

If you have any questions or need any additional information on this preconstruction project, PLEASE DIRECTLY CONTACT THE PERSON BELOW and not the owners of this site.  Thank you!


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Here is some updated information on this project that we received from the agent:

Tower I is sold out and is expected to go hard Aug./Sept. ’05 with groundbreaking Nov./Dec. ’05. 

Reservations for Tower II opened up about two weeks ago. Tower II pricing started at $340 per sq. ft. and is now selling for $375 per sq. ft. There are currently only 20 units left. We did have a couple of the 3 bedroom units come back up on the market. That’s the one with the 3rd Bedroom lock-out. If any of you want to upgrade, you now have that opportunity. Tower II is expected to go hard Oct./Nov. ’05 with groundbreaking Feb./March ’06. 

The developers are planning a huge Beach Party for July 2nd onsite and everyone is invited. You will be receiving invitations soon. Lots of fun family activities, games, and great food will be provided. So clear your calendars and come on down!



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Tower II Reservation Agreement

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Working with a Real Estate Broker Agreement

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Tower II Southern Shore Pricing

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Tower II Southern Shore Conceptual Plans

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Tower II Southern Shore Conceptual Ground Level Plan

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