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Why Are We So Different?
Since our launch in February 2005, we have grown into one of the most respected, online preconstruction real estate groups in the country. Learn why we are so different in finding unique investment property for you.

A Message From Dr. Chris Anderson, Our Co-Founder

2007 Multi-City Tour.... Plan Ahead Today!
After accumulating over 22,000 investors that receive our newsletters and projects, we have become very familiar with the questions that run through everyone's mind....

  • How Do I Really Find Good Investment Property;
  • I Have Limited Time So Is This Really Possible For Me;
  • There our 1000's of Preconstruction Projects On The Internet-- Why Yours?
  • I Am New.... How Do I Get Educated So I Will Not Make A Mistake?
  • Is It Really A Good Idea To Purchase Investment Properties 1000's Of Miles Away?

In Early 2007, we will begin our pre-construction investor orientation tour. 

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