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Submitting A Project To GetPreconstructionDeals.com

Thank you for considering launching your project on GetPreconstructionDeals.com.  In this community, we attempt to provide projects where is a win between the developer and the buyer.  In additional to our own 20,000 investors on our database, we also partner with many other groups to help create a bulk sale environment.

Our objective is to really provide 1 project per every 4-6 weeks to our subscribers.  We typically like to be in on the very early stage of a project with clearly defined advantages on purchasing and clearly defined exit possibilities.

If, after an initial evaluation, a project looks promising, then we will work hand-in-hand with you a trying to structure the best program to meet your objectives.

With the information that you provide below, we can rapidly assess if it might be mutually beneficial to discuss the projects potential more. 

Please complete the form below.  When completed, we will send back an analysis with either a suggestion of how we can work together or clear reasons why it won’t fit into our group.  Example calculations are shown below (Link to Pictures Below)

Please Complete The Following Form:

What is the Property Zipcode?  
What type of Property is it?  
When is it Available For Occupancy?  
When Would Sales Begin (Be Realistic)  
Price Ranges , Price for a two BDRM, midrange, market value for two BDRM, midrange.  
Rent for the two BDRM  
What would be done special for a group purchase?  
Minimum number of sales to be "significant"   
Size of project   
Number remaining   
Any links that you think would help  
Any special financing considerations?  
Relevant HOA’s, taxes, insurance, etc. needed for cashflow calculations  
Appropriate management fees if applicable  
Expected Build Out Time If Preconstruction  
Anticipated annual appreciation.  Please be very realistic and justify.  Every developer believes they have the best project in the world but......  
Contact Information  
Are you an agent/broker or are you the developer (or developer's inside agent).  

Offered Commission (%)


NOTE:   Please do not submit a project if you do not truly believe it will be high quality for our group.  Multiple submissions of low quality projects will rapidly insure all future project submissions are deleted immediately.


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