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Recent Testimonials

The e-course is great. It explains the process from basic to gradually more complicated.

for free chris gives your more than money is worth. he give's great insight and tip's that anyone else would want to charge you for. A+++

Being entirely new to this real estate phenomenom, your information was very informative and I am looking forward to getting swamped with more in the future.

i really enjoyed it and found the information very helpful in learning the entire process of pre-construction.

Hello Chris, I am really impressed with your information and the very professional way your material is presented.

I found this email course very interesting and I hope to make my first pre-construction purchase soon

However I'm extremely serious and feel robbed that I did not know about this ( pre-construction and 1031 exchanges since twenty years ago.

It was very interesting and fact filled. Very well thought out, and nicely structured for ease in understanding. Thanks

Excellent! Learned more from the e-mail course than from a recent course I purchased from .....




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