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Did you know that one of our founder's, Dr. Chris Anderson, taught at the Graduate Level for the University of Florida for 11 Years?

Did you know that our other founder, Michael Zari, has advanced degree's in engineering and has been a frequent educator at places like the NYC Learning Annex?

At, investor education is the cornerstone of everything that we do.

Educational Resource #1 -- Our Weekly Articles
Over 22,000 investors receive our free weekly newsletters that deliver timely, thought provoking information for the new and experience alike .

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Educational Resource #2 -- Our Video Course
This is the course that started it all and has now been written about in such prominent locations as.....

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Educational Resource #3 -- Mastermind Training
The Mastermind Group is our premier group that receives the bulk of the unique properties that we find.  As such, we want them to be highly trained and offer them training at no cost .

Past and future topics are:

  • Investing By The Numbers;
  • How To Invest Nationally;
  • Getting 50% Bonus Depreciation In The Go Zone
  • Using Your Self Directed IRA For Investments;
  • 1031 Exchanges
  • ..... And much more.

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