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why are we unique?

A question that we at GetPreConstructionDeals.com get asked frequently is why are we different from all the other "preconstruction" websites that exist.  This is an excellent question and one best addressed in a Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) type of format.  If you will explore the 10 items below, we believe you will rapidly conclude that we are like no other group on the internet today. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why Is Your Educational Course Different From Other "Gurus"?

Quite simply, our course is designed to bring investors up to speed quickly on preconstruction investing from people who are out investing in projects and talking with developers, agents, and brokers on a daily basis.  In additional, our goal is to teach you both sides of 1) How to profit and 2) and to avoid taking excessive risks.  To see a 30 minute sample of what this course is about, click here.  For access to the product page, click here.


Why Do You Give Away Tons Of Free Information In Your Weekly Articles?

In our opinion, we all win by collecting a group of individual investors around us that have the knowledge and capability to really participate in projects.  Making sure that people that frequent our website are up to date is of primary importance to us.  To see a list of recent articles, Click Here.  For our subscribers (no cost), they are notified of new articles on a weekly basis.  Sign Up here to get your e-mail notifications. 


Do You Invest As Well Or Just Sell Courses And Promote Projects?  Our primary activity is our investing.  As you will see below, our Mastermind Group provides an excellent method for both us, and our group members to participate in projects that would be impossible for us to get on our own. 


For Your Mastermind Group, You Bring Out Projects Infrequently.  I Can Get Access To Many Projects From Other Websites?  Many other websites simply broker projects to their subscribers and there is nothing wrong with that.  In our Mastermind Group, we are looking for very special situations where not only do we believe it is good for our members, but where we are interested in investing as well.  We look at tons of projects brought to us but only broadcast a few.


Why Do You Charge For Your Mastermind Group When I Can Get On Everybody's Else's List For Free?  We believe we provide tremendous value to our members with a SUBSTANTIAL amount of information about a potential project.  Our goal is not to "sell" you on the project but rather "inform".  To see how we present a project, look at the example Boots On The Ground Report and the Example Project Report.  We believe that the value that we provide dwarfs the cost of entry to our group and simply helps us offset expenses.


Are You Local Only?  Absolutely not, which we view as the primary difference between most groups on the web today and us.  We frequently hear that developers are making it difficult for investors in one area so what do I do?  In our mind that is simple.... invest in other areas.  We partner with locale experts in different locales to bring great information to our group.  Via this regional and country wide perspective, we are much better able to see which areas are struggling and which areas are booming. 


We hope that this answers any questions that you may have on why we stand out from others in this field.  

For a brief look at one of our founders, Dr. Chris Anderson, click here!


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