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Boots-On-The-Ground Tour 2005:

Biloxi & Gulfport, Mississippi

Area Overview

The Biloxi/Gulfport Mississippi area is an interesting place to watch for preconstruction opportunities.  There is a combination of lower prices than the rest of the Gulf coast, available beach front for development, casinos to offer year round income potential, and great southern weather.  As you listen to the materials presented, you may conclude that you would also like to watch this area grow.

Boots-on-Ground Commentary

Dr. Chris Anderson spent the day on the Mississippi Gulf coast talking with people and getting a general overview of the area.  Listen to this audio recording of his thoughts about the area and some of the local real estate.




15 min, 35 Seconds

Interview Audio

We interviewed one of the top preconstruction real estate experts in the area who has also lived there for 35 years.  Listen to her perspective of future growth potential and where she is investing her money.




19 min, 47 Seconds

Recent Preconstruction Offerings

Having an idea of what has gone on recently can be very helpful in evaluating future offerings.


Name Results Starting Price Current Price

Lakeshore MS Condos

(Recent offering)

121 Units Sold Out in 10 Hrs

$296 - $301/Sq. Ft

$340 - $347/Sq. Ft
Pass Marianne Condos Sold Out 1281 SF for $279K 1281 SF for $448K
Legacy Condos Tower 1 & 2 Sold Out $218//Sq. Ft (2002) $342 - $389/Sq. Ft



Maps of Area

For an interactive map of the area, click here.  Make sure you also click the satellite view to get a much better perspective.  Notice also that the area centers around two bodies of water, the Gulf of Mexico and the Back Bay area.  Also, if you scroll to the west, you will find the Bay of St. Louis which is where some major preconstruction projects are being added.

click here for an interactive map of the area!


Sales Volume Charts

In preconstruction investing, we are always interested in increasing prices.  What drives prices up is when demand outstrips supply.  In any given area, you would like to see the volume of transactions increasing which then indicates properties are selling.  When markets start to lose volume, investor need to become very cautious. This plot shows raw sales volume by month in the Biloxi area (does not include Gulfport)

This chart shows sales volume on a % basis relative to the previous years sales volume.  This helps to take out seasonal drops.  Both looks at volume seem to indicate an area that is increasing in sales volume.


Area Links

The links below are for additional local information and resources:



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