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Buying wholesale properties is a great way for real estate investors to buy multiple properties at low prices. Consider WalMart and their buying power.... Regardless of what you think of them, you must realize that they get incredible pricing from suppliers because of volume.  In real estate, you can accomplish the same thing by operating as a wholesale property buying group. 

Real estate prices are always fluctuating and this means you want to buy when prices are low. For most investors, this isn't always possible.  The good news is that this is where the wisdom of buying wholesale properties kicks in. The process of buying wholesale property is simple: You team up with other real estate investors to buy a group of wholesale properties. The key thing to realize is that you are buying these properties as an individual member of the group and not as a single  "group purchase."  The discounts to you are tremendous and it will be worth your time to find developers and builders who will negotiate multiple wholesale properties.  This is really the concept behind our Mastermind Group.

Some real estate investors have a solid networking system of mutual investors who they can team up with to buy wholesale properties. If buying wholesale properties is an option for you there are a few things that you should consider before you sign any contracts.

First and foremost you and the other real estate investors need to be in agreement of the type of wholesale properties you want to buy. This can include wholesale properties such as single family homes, condos, apartments, or undeveloped property. With so many wholesale properties to choose from you need to decide what your major focus is going to be.  This is where it can be really helpful to participate in an already established group with a clear focus.

It's important that each investor understand the process of buying wholesale properties. The more agreements that are met before the wholesale property is purchased the less confusion and legal pitfalls there will be later on.

Wholesale properties area a great way for real estate investors to turn a profit no matter what the real estate market is up to. You have the ability to buy wholesale properties with little investment. This leads to low risk real estate investment where the risks and pitfalls are divided among more than one investor. The purchase of wholesale properties by a large group of investors is a great way to achieve profits.

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