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About Preconstruction Condominiums

From about 2000 to 2005, Pre-construction condos in Florida became extremely popular as home buyers and investors came to recognize their benefits. Pre-construction condos are condo units that have been proposed and planned by a developer but which have not yet been constructed. When you buy pre-construction condos you put the money down first before the construction work is started.  In addition to preconstruction condos, a very similar concept is Pre-construction Town homes:

The process of purchasing pre-construction condos is simple and easy and will fluctuate from one development to another. Typically, you will need to put down a deposit to reserve the pre-construction condo that you want. This deposit will then be held in escrow and you have the option of canceling the agreement for the preconstruction condo at any time.

Once a pre-construction condo development has been approved for construction, the developer will put forward certain documents that need to be approved by the state. These documents will include a budget, materials needed, a description of the pre-construction condos, and other vital information. As soon as the documents for the pre-construction condo have been approved, they will be sent to you so that you can review them. You will need to be sure that you are accepting of the association rules of the preconstruction condos.

Pre-construction condos can be a great investment in the real estate market or can be your worst nightmare.  Around 2002 - 2004, even people with very little experience with a preconstruction condos were investing and succeeding.  At, our philosophy is a bit different.... yes you can succeed greatly by purchasing a pre-construction condo, or preconstruction townhome, or a pre-construction home but it makes sense to educate your self first. 

In addition to Florida, if you want to look at another major area for condo explosions you should look at Preconstruction in Vegas:
Historically, Pre-construction condos in Vegas were a good way to invest since you could soon see a great return on your preconstruction condo purchase. Today, however, many of the big name communities for Pre-construction condos have gotten ahead of themselves  As we all know, Vegas will thrive no matter what the current environment is like.

Investing your money in pre-construction condos is a concept that has been around for many years but just recently it has gotten even more attention particularly in Las Vegas, Orlando, Miami, Tampa, Orlando, and Ft. Lauderdale. There are several reasons why pre-construction condos are becoming such an explosive part of the real estate market, especially in the state of Florida. One reason preconstruction condos are so successful is because the US dollar is currently quite weak. This entices foreign investors to buy US land for investment purposes which in turn brings you some great opportunities in buying pre-construction condos.

Yet another reason that real estate has been a hot commodity is that the stock market is in a down trend and will likely stay that way in the near future. This stock market factor has been a huge encouragement to invest in pre-construction condos.

Perhaps the biggest reason that pre-construction condos are such a success is that Florida is the perfect vacation spot for anyone. The Florida real estate market has reached unprecedented success over the last few years and this in turn has made some real estate investors very wealthy.

If you do your homework and are well prepared, pre-construction condos can offer very interesting returns on investments.

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