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New Investors -- Education Is The Key To Success was founded upon the principal that all potential real estate investors should first educate themselves.  If you are new to preconstruction investing, then follow the simple 4 path approach below.

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Frequently Asked Questions From New Investors

  1. How Experienced Am I? Take Our Test
  2. How Much Money Do I Need?
  3. How Do I Learn To Invest?
  4. What About My Credit?
  5. I Work Full Time, How Do I Do This?
  6. How Do I Build Wealth Through Real Estate?
  7. But Isn’t The Market Bad?
  8. Why Invest Nationally?
  9. How Do I Analyze An Investment?
10. How Does Make Money?
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How Much Money Do I Need?

Many of our projects required 10% down with sometimes 0% - 5% being possible. Since many of our properties range between $150,000 to $300,000, then you would need typically $15K to $30K for down payment. Depending upon the project, there may also be closing costs to cover. If you are truly serious about building wealth with real estate, then you should ideally have twice this amount so that you can maybe do at least one project per year for a period of 2 years.. Then you may be able to refinance and be able to keep the process moving.

How Do I Learn To Invest?

If you are thinking about learning how to invest, then you are making a wise step towards securing your future. Basically, there are 3 ways to accomplish this:

  1. Learn via school of hard knocks;
  2. Pay somebody to mentor you; or
  3. Combine some learning on your own with hanging around other smart investors and learning over time.

Here at, we advocate #3 via a combination of joining our Mastermind Group where you get to learn (no extra charge) but also get to here from us and other experienced investors on their thoughts about projects. Before long, you will find yourself rapidly coming up to speed. Other resources that are readily available to you are: Our free newsletters; Our Preconstruction Course

What About My Credit?

If you are new to investing, then there is only one basic issue.. Do you have a sufficient credit score. For many of our projects, you can into the best rates with about a 680+ credit score. One source of free credit information is at

I Work Full Time, How Do I Do This?

Most of the people within our Mastermind Group are busy professionals that cannot spend a lot of time with their real estate investments but yet they take their investments very seriously. How do they do this? Simple. They work with us and let us gather all the information they need on a project and then they just spend their time verifying anything that is particularly important to them.

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How Do I Build Wealth Through Real Estate?

What most new investors don't realize is that it is quite possible to make as much (or more) investing than you do in your "day job" while only spending a few hours a month to handle. While some people hear that statement and then decide "so long boss", for most people, it is wise to simply slowly build your real estate portfolio while you still maintain your job. That way, over a period of several years, you can build a substantial portfolio that can then take care of you for years to come.

Want to see an article about this topic?

But Isn't The Market Bad?

New investors in both real estate and the stock markets are always concerned about if "this is the right time". Let me ask you something. If you were a professional stock investor in the year 2000, did you walk away? No! You still kept finding opportunities, adjusted your tactics and kept making money. Similarly in real estate investing, there are thousands upon thousands of people (very knowledgeable) that understand that there are always opportunities in real estate if you know where to look and how to analyze the project.

Why Invest Nationally?

Back in early 2004, the founders of ran into a problem.. They no longer could find good properties in their locale areas because things had become so expensive. So instead of trying to make it work locally, they branched out to investing on a National scale. When you take that attitude, you will find that you can almost always find regions and areas that are doing well and make sound financial sense.

How Do I Analyze An Investment?

This is an important question that you can choose to spend many months (or years) learning through the school of hard knocks or you can take the short cut and use somebody's expertise to radically cut down your learning curve. We suggest the later. If you are ready to join the Mastermind Group, then we offer this training at no additional cost. Quite frankly, we provide that training so that we can work with only knowledgeable investors in that group. If you are not ready for the Mastermind Group, then we suggest learning from our preconstruction course.

How Does Make Money?

While we charge a very nominal fee of $100 to join our Mastermind group and do charge for our preconstruction course, the bulk of our revenues come from fees paid to us by developers for getting access to the bulk purchasing power of our group. The good news for you is that you get access to great deals and it does not cost you anything for that service.

How Do I Get Started With

Quite simply, we only work with a reasonably small number of individuals that WE KNOW. How do we get to know them? We talk to them. So the steps of getting involved with us are:

  1. Go to our calendar  to make an appointment (nothing will be sold to you). This is simply a get to know each other call;
  2. If you and your rep determine that there may be a good match between you and our Mastermind Group, then you will be invited to join.
  3. Make sure you register for our emails to you can get our free weekly newsletters.

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