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Mastermind Group:  The True Insider Advantage


If you are new to, there may be something you did not know about us...

......there is a group of serious investors that have a major advantage over everyone else. 
They are called the MasterMind Group.








Mastermind Group Benefits

  • First priority to projects

  • Free education

  • Project info 5 days before others;

  • Easy access to the team

  • Will get ALL the available inventory from our projects

Did you know this group only paid $100 for all of this?

(Why Only $100?)


Hi Fellow Real Estate Investor:


This is Dr. Chris Anderson from  If you are like many people, you are rapidly surfing the internet looking for the best source of investment opportunities.   Unfortunately, many people make the mistake of assuming that we are like everyone else.......


That is, they assume that we send out all of our projects to everyone on our database.  Well, for now they are correct but what they don't understand is that there is a group that definitely gets first priority and all the special incentives --- Our Mastermind Group.


If you are at all serious about your investing, I encourage you to explore our group in more detail below.


Best of wishes to your future success.



Chris Anderson, Ph.D.

President & CEO



For The Busy Person.... A Quick Start Guide


The Mastermind Group is an invitation only group.  We desire to collect a limited number of individuals that are of like mind in their investing future.  If you are in a hurry, simply take the steps below:



Listen To A Few Of Our Mastermind Members

Stephanie From NJ - Long time investor and Mastermind Group member.




Marc From Mission Valley, CA - Wanted both education and access to properties.



Neil From Buffalo Grove, IL- Member of Mastermind Group For 1.5 Years


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Already Familiar With Us?


Our ideal Mastermind client is already familiar with us, has seen some of our articles, and really believes they are ready to take their real estate investing to the next level.


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The Longer Story......


Dear Potential Mastermind Group Member:

Over the years working with our 22,000 subscribers at and evaluating literally Billions of dollars in real estate transactions, I have come to realize that for serious investors, we are all essentially looking for the same three things:

  1. Ability to steadily and consistently grow wealth year after year;
  2. Ability to minimize risk to original capital; and
  3. Ability to control amount of time invested.

Regardless if you are an individual investor buying $35,000 houses to flip or if you are a sophisticated $1 Billion developer/investor, these are typically your real underlying goals.

With these simple (in principle) goals however, there is a million and one ways that people try to achieve these goals......... but, MOST OF THE COMMON METHODS OF INVESTING ARE WRONG AND DANGEROUS!!!

Do You Want To Invest Like A Pro Or Like Everybody Else?

One of my long time investing mentors is Dr. Van Tharp who is considered to be one of the top investing and trading coach (stocks, futures, etc.) in the world and has literally coached some of the top traders in the world. 

One of the most important lessons that Van taught me was his statement that:

"If you're investing or trading is exciting, YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG!!!"

Let me give you a real example from my own backyard.   In late 2004, preconstruction in my area (Destin, Florida) was literally exploding.  People were making $100,000s of thousands of dollars, per condo, in less than 9 months time.  One of the more popular developers offered a project with RECORD prices at well over $1,000 per square foot!!!  Because of previous successes in the area, people flocked like lemmings to this offering.......

Doctors, lawyers, businessmen, and other INEXPERIENCED people stood in line for HOURS to get into this project.

At the same time, what do you think the experienced investors were doing in my area?   RUNNING FAST.  Many of the long time investors in the area had already STOPPED investing in early 2004..... A full 18 months before the CRASH!!   Why?  Because it was absolutely OBVIOUS to those of us that analyzed the market what would happen next.  Believe me, it was not rocket science to make that kind of decision.

So, what is the outcome?  These units are still not quite ready but I can give you a preview.... Most people who bought into this project will lose well over a $100,000 if they try to sell immediately.  That is a horrible outcome and could have easily been avoided.

Meanwhile, the savvy investors kept on making money in SMART investments.

What Do Pro's Do And Why Is It So Hard For Most To Match Them?

If you look at what professional investors do every day during their professional careers, it is amazingly simple.  However, as an individual investor, you have VERY LITTLE CHANCE OF MATCHING THEIR PERFORMANCE unless you get very clever.  Let's look at the key things they do and why it is difficult for the typical investor.

What A Pro Does

Why Difficult For You?

Always Buys At Discount Contrary to the popular buzz in preconstruction of "first day pricing", Phase I, friends & family, etc., most properties are not offered BELOW market to individuals.  Why?  They don't have enough purchasing power to sway the developer.
Always ANALYZES Risk/Reward REAL Investors live and die by spreadsheets where most other investors act on impulse.  For most investors, it is impossible to analyze the investment because of lack of knowledge and time.
Always Understands Market Each market has its own characteristics and types of real estate products that will work, and will not work.  Most investors simply do not have the time or skills to professionally analyze a market and have to rely on things like "this market went up 20% last year......."  Unfortunately, this tells you little about what is coming in the future.
Always Has Multiple Exits In preconstruction investing, many novice investors enter into the opportunity believing they will "flip or assign" their contract prior to closing.  While that is great when it occurs, are you ok if it does not work out?   BEFORE every buying, a savvy investor can tell you exactly what they will do if it does not work as planned.
Always Matches Longer Plan Professional investors know that their long term wealth is NOT EFFECTED by making a quick $30K on a project.  What they do know is that it is a steady stream of investments that we make them wealthy over a period of years.  If an investment does not match the plan, then they pass on it.
Always Gets Others Inputs Most investors unfortunately operate on their own, usually because they don't have access to people who are also serious investors.  Even for pro's, investments can still be emotional so they like to have other, smart people check their thought process before pulling the trigger. 

Even if we never work on a project together, I sincerely hope you will think about this above list before you make your next investment.   Too me, it is much easier to copy the techniques of successful investors rather than go through the school of hard knocks by yourself.


How Does The Mastermind Group Help Me Act Like A Pro?

Let's now take that same list and see how our Mastermind Group is designed to rapidly get you over these obstacles.

What A Pro Does

How The Mastermind Group Helps You?

Always Buys At Discount Even if you only want to buy 1 property per year as an individual, the total Mastermind Group may buy 20-100 properties rapidly from a developer.  Volume discounts then become the norm with no additional effort on your part.
Always ANALYZES Risk/Reward Part of the Mastermind Group is to provide training to you but ALSO provide spreadsheets ready for you to use.  After a little bit of training, you will be able to see exactly what the pro's would see on any given project.
Always Understands Market There is no other way to say this but...... Analyzing a market is hard work and VERY time consuming.  That is why we do this for our group members and then send them ready to digest info to their desk.  Once you see how to look at an area, it will only take you minutes to understand IF SOMEBODY has already collected the data.... that is what we do!
Always Has Multiple Exits As part of our group, we already have many savvy investors that all require good exits and many times, we buy in right along beside you.   Our planned exits will be provided to you during our due diligence period.
Always Matches Longer Plan This part is really simple.  With a little training within our group, we can easily help you develop your own longer term plan and then any future investments can be evaluated by you in terms of how it fits that plan.
Always Gets Others Inputs This is where we really excel.  First, you already have us analyzing the project in incredible detail...... But guess what, we are not perfect either.   Next, we then provide ALL of our due diligence to our members over a 5 day period.....  This gives our experienced members time to do their own due diligence and if they desire, REPORT back to the group....

In this way, we can make sure we get a lot of smart people double checking each other!!!  In fact, we had one project where EVERYBODY pulled out AFTER some negative due diligence information turned up.   In our opinion, this is a huge advantage to group investing.  For most "sales groups", this concept would scare them to death. 

Quite frankly, if I could have found the equivalent of this concept in 2004, I would never have created and instead, would have just been a high volume investor.  But this concept did not exit then and to my knowledge, does not exit today other than with our group. 


How Do You Get Involved In Our Mastermind Group?

If you have made it this far into this letter, then congratulations..... You are probably a good candidate.  Impatient, get rich quick "investors" would have been long gone by now.

I am going to give you a TON more information below but for those of you with tight time schedules, let me give you the bottom line of how to get involved now. 

Steps To Get Involved:

  • Mutual Due Diligence:  Let's be honest here, we are meeting each other on the internet which has some limitations.  Your first thought should be is this a group I can trust and flourish within:  our first thought is are you a candidate that matches our group philosophies.  Like with many of our business partners, then we adopt a philosophy of let's first dance, then date, and then if all goes well, then get married.  So let's see what we mean by that:
    • First:       Let's meet by phone to determine if this makes sense for either.  This is a very informal, non-sales pitch call but rather a get to know each other opportunity.


    Schedule Appointment Via On-Line Calendar

    • Second:  Let's work together for a year with no risk on your part or ours.  You will come into our Mastermind Group, get the projects, and hopefully will love what you see.  If you don't, no big deal since we will immediately refund your initial fee if you don't want to be a part of us.


    • Third:      Let's work together to create a great, long term group for all of us.  Assuming you like what we do, then we hope we can all work together in this capacity for a long time to come.

Are you a good candidate?  Here is what we look for:

  • Interested in at least 1 project per year with multiple being preferable;

  • Solid credit (700+ FICO);

  • Enough liquid capital to participate (10’s of thousands+);

  • Willing to share info with the group as they do their due diligence;

  • Willing to participate in on-going education (no cost);

  • No Ulterior Motives. Not looking for commission or something else.


  • Fees To Join:  Yes, there is a fee to join the Mastermind Group but quite simply, it is designed to help determine initially who is reasonably serious.  With 22,000 people registered to get our emails, we have to do something to limit numbers but yet, I don't want to make this difficult at all.  So, here is the requirements:


    • Initial   $100.  If, after your initial telephone conference, you and us decide we have a good fit, then you will be invited into the group and be provided a link to purchase.  This amount is fully refundable for up to 1 year if not happy with our group;


    • Permanent:  Free if you purchase a property with us during the first year.  That let's us know you are actually serious.  More than likely, if you chose not to purchase a property during that first year, then the Mastermind Group is probably not right for you and will will refund your money and invite in someone else who is a better fit.


  • Joining As A Group:   This is actually our preferred way for you to join.  Many serious investors already have a small group that they already trust.  Believe me, we understand that.   If you have a group of 3 or more (including yourself), then if you can convince us that you have been to the dance before and purchased property, then we will happily waive the initial fee for all of you to join.   PLEASE DO NOT ASK about compensation or realty fees for your group members... We are not interested in that type of group. 


With the details out of the way, now lets get into some more of the specifics about the group.  Let me just address some common questions below:

What Types Of Properties Do We Look For?

Our investment philosophy is quite simply.  Find those opportunities where we believe we can enter into a purchase that has high upside potential with minimal downside risk.  Typically, this usually takes on one of 3 varieties:

  • Cashflowing, starter home type properties in growth areas (our primary interest);
  • Other residential with developer incentives;
  • Resort/Lifestyle properties with unusual relationships with developers to reduce risk & improve gains.

Let me give 3 representative examples:

Preconstruction Duplex, TX Resort Area, ~ $200K Purchase Price, Cashflowing With 10% Down

Construction time is approximately 4 months and all properties expected to cashflow after completed.  Very high growth area, with very high dollar properties, but these duplexes on very low end of affordable.  Entry with approximately 8-10% equity with realistic appreciations at 8%+ going forward.  Anticipated hold time of 3-5 years with net gain (including all resale expenses of $70K) in 5 years.


NC Mountain Property,  With 10% Down, And Payments Made For Approximately 19 Months

Very desirable mountain property with lots ranging between $100K and $250K at purchase.  Rather than taking a 10% discount to market, our group had the developer take 10% of purchase price and escrow for payments over about a 19 month period.  Good 10%/year appreciation is occurring in the area with no real end in sight.  Depending on buyer, anticipated hold time was 18 months to several years.

Florida Resort Property, 15% Discount To Market + 2 Year Leaseback

Very high end, resort developer in Disney area coupling an upscale property to a very high end, sports training facility.  Extremely unique concept for the area.  Developer furnishes and operates as rental for 2 years providing payments to our buyers.  In the end, they also provide excellent exit potential for our buyers.  Typical price was $350K with 10% down.  15% cash back provided at closing for leaseback program.

What Areas Do You Look In?

This is something that has radically changed as market conditions have moved.  In our opinion, the real opportunities are in lesser known, emerging markets that ARE NOT on the national radar. employs proprietary software for screening areas across the country and then its analysts then work to establish relationships with keys developers in each.

In 2007, we envision that the majority of our properties will be in emerging markets (starter home/duplexes/townshomes/condos) or in mountain properties where we can create very severe discounts to market in areas with strong resale opportunities.

How Do You Plan To Create A $100k+ Equity, Per Year, For Members?

Really this is much simpler than it sounds.  Many of our opportunities have durations of 3-5 years.  By purchasing below market, by then cashflowing the properties during the hold, and by buying in solid, safe, appreciating areas, it is quite realistic to create $50K - $100K of equity, per property by planned exit.  For someone buying only a couple of properties per year, it is quite possible to build well over $100K of net worth, per year, with a slow and steady approach...... In our opinion, this is a much more prudent, smart strategy than the get rich quick flip schemes. 

As A Member, What Can I Expect?

The Mastermind Group is our elite group of investors that is the real driving force behind  Specifically, MasterMind Group Members can expect:

  • First Access To Project Info;
  • First Access To Project Due Diligence;
  • First In Line Status For Our Projects;
  • Continuing Education Second To None In The Industry;
  • Easy Access To The GetPreConstructionDeals Team;

But What About The Other 22,000 Subscribers

We have well over 22,000 people that receive our newsletters, projects, and information via email but people on this list have many reasons for getting that information.  The purpose of the Mastermind Group is to cull out those of like mind who are truly interested in quality preconstruction opportunities not just today but for the next several years as well.  For this reason, the Mastermind Group will always get first access to any of our projects and training.

How Many In The Mastermind Group?

By mid-2007, we anticipate having collected approximately 500 like minded individuals that are interested in purchasing an average of 2 or more properties per year.  At that point, we envision closing the doors.  THIS MAY HAPPEN AS EARLY AS FEBRUARY OR AS LATE AS 3RD QUARTER DEPENDING UPON A NUMBER OF FACTORS.  If you believe the Mastermind Group is for you, we strongly encourage you to act now.

How Do You Get Compensated?

Like most any other real estate transaction, we are paid by the sellers and NOT YOU!!   For developers, we negotiate the appropriate discounts for our group members as well as fees for ourselves.  Especially since we are training our members to be very critical and careful, we clearly understand that we must create value for our investors first!!

Hopefully this has answered many of your questions.  Your next step in the process is to sign up for an appointment to get to know us. 

Schedule Appointment Via On-Line Calendar


Best wishes for 2007,


Chris Anderson, Ph.D.

President & CEO



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