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With Over 20,000 Investors, You Get To Buy Wholesale

Every serious investor knows that you make your profits when you PURCHASE, not by hoping that prices will go up.  Unfortunately, most investors cannot consistently find projects where profits are locked in at purchase.


To us, that best way to acquire real estate is to always pay wholesale prices, for quality properties, in high growth potential areas.  When you really think about it, the investor only has 3 options available to them to find these types of properties:

Locate Themselves - But this is very time intensive.  In addition, only individual sellers (not developers) might consider providing a discount since the individual investor does not purchase enough to warrant discounts;


Use A Broker - Biggest issues here are who do you trust and do they do enough volume to get real wholesale pricing?


Purchase With A Club - Quite simply, developers are willing to make VERY special arrangements with groups that purchase in quantity.  By working together as a LARGE group, we believe there is no better way to lock in value with your purchases.

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