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Experienced Investors -- A Simple, 4 Step Approach

While working with over 22,000 investors since our inception, we have gotten a lot of experience with working with experienced investors as well as those looking to enter into our projects.


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Frequently Asked Questions From Knowledgeable Investors

  1. Who Are We?
  2. How Long Has Been Around?
  3. How Do You Select Projects?
  4. Where Do You Look For Projects?
  5. What Makes You Unique?
  6. What Is Your Past Performance?
  7. How Do You Get Compensated?
  8. But You Are Internet Guys........
  9. How Do I Get Started?

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Who Are We? was founded by 2 life long partners.  Dr. Chris Anderson and Michael Zari. To get complete bios about us, go to ABOUT US

How Long Has Been Around?

The business actually started as in early 2005 as a educational only web site that is still in existences today. After launching, within 2 months, we were prominently discussed in both the New York Times and the USA Today. In addition, we became frequently educators at the NYC Learning Annex. This exploded our growth but it soon became obvious that these investors needed access to good projects.

That spawned the launch of and by 3rd Quarter of 2005, we were off an running in our current capacity. This capacity has steadily grown on a month-by-month basis even as real estate markets have slowed. Why? It is simply because of the projects and level of due diligence that we bring to our investors.

How Do You Select Projects?

Historically (albeit a short history), projects have sought us out because of the publicity of our web site. Typically, we get to look at 10-15 projects per week. Most of these simply do not meet our criterions which are set by Internal Rate Of Return (IRR) calculations.

Our philosophy is simple.. Find those projects that numerically make sense when analyzed by knowledgeable people. But, in addition to our own opinions, we give our Mastermind Members access to similar tools that we use (in most cases the same tools). We then teach them the key components to look for in the project and how to analyze what it is telling you.

Two of the key pieces in the analysis are speculative.. the future appreciation and the future cashflow picture. For legal reasons, we cannot predict these for our clients however we try to provide all the necessary background information for you to make your own assumptions.. This is why we really like working with knowledgeable individuals.

Where Do You Look For Projects?

We look in regions where we believe we have unique opportunities for future appreciation (yes, even in this market), good cashflow pictures, and the opportunities to pick up instant equity. Many of these areas tend to unique, lesser know regions.. If you are reading about it everywhere, you are probably too late in our opinion.

Some recent examples occurred in Texas, North Carolina, Florida, & Louisiana. We try NOT to focus on one geographic area.

What Makes You Unique?

Type the word preconstruction in Google and see just how many pages come back. So why do our existing clients stay with us and frequently not leave? For two reasons:

  • The level of information provided about our projects;
  • The quality of our projects.
Quite frankly, we receive property announcements from other individuals and groups and if we were to act on it as an investor, we would not be able to begin. Frequently, we are told little about the property other than its location and its "great features". We believe when you experience the level of information that is provided to our Mastermind Group, you will conclude that we are VERY UNIQUE.

What Is Your Past Performance?

I wish we could tell you that but many of our projects have a lifespan of 2-5 years and most of the projects are less than 1 year old. In early 2007, we will implement something inside of the Mastermind Group where there will be a closed forum for each project so hopefully sometime soon, you can visit that information and learn the status of each project.

How Do You Get Compensated?

While we charge a very nominal fee of $100 to join our Mastermind group and do charge for our preconstruction course, the bulk of our revenues come from fees paid to us by developers for getting access to the bulk purchasing power of our group. The good news for you is that you get access to great deals and it does not cost you anything for that service.

But You Are Internet Guys...

Yes, we use the internet to attract potential clients and to attract other developer partners. However, that is where the similarity to most internet activities stops.

As we have grown, we have realized the need to know each and every one of our core clients.. Referred to as our Mastermind Group. We structure this group to attract the risk on both sides... you as a client, and us taking on an unknown client. As the Mastermind Group evolves and you are around us for a period of time, here us conduct web events, conduct events in different locations, etc., then hopefully you will no longer think of us as "internet guys".

Booking An Appointment

Stated simply these days, we only work with clients that we are starting to get to know. As we move into 2007, we believe there will be little to know chance for people on our main database to be able to access our properties... The appetite within the Mastermind Group will be too large.

Here is how you get started on that process:

  1. Go to our calendar to make an appointment (nothing will be sold to you). This is simply a get to know each other call;
  2. If you and your rep determine that there may be a good match between you and our Mastermind Group, then you will be invited to join.
  3. Make sure you register for our emails to you can get our free weekly newsletters.



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