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Information For Developers

If you are developer and are interested in having your project on our website, then we are interested in working with you. Please realize that we receive 10-15 requests per week to have projects out to our investors and out of those, we only do 1 about every 4 weeks.

Now, don't let that discourage you. If you have a property that is actually good for the investor (instead of just good for the developer), then yours will stand out quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions From Developers

  1. How Does This Work?
  2. What Information Do You Need?
  3. What Is Your Criterion?
  4. How Much Will It Cost?
  5. How Many Will You Buy?
  6. How Fast?
  7. Do You Pool Monies (Private Placement) Or By As Individuals?

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How Does This Work?

Simply, we are looking for opportunities where by purchasing rapidly, in bulk, we can create a 3 way win between:

  1. Our Investors;
  2. You, The Developer;
  3. And Us As The Sale Group

Our first step is going to be to initially determine if it is possible to work something out while minimizing both our and your time. However, we do need some information to get started.

What Information Do You Need?

Everything that we do is proforma driven based on 3 fundamental pieces:

Existing Equity

  • Sales Price To Investors;
  • Street Value (how verified);
Cashflow During Hold;
  • Expected rents;
  • All expected costs (taxes, insurance, HOA, etc.);
    ** We will calculate mortgage costs.
Expected Annual Appreciation;
  • What % do you expect and why?
  • Unusual things for us to consider
  • Past appreciation;
  • Current trends in sales (slowing, escalating, etc.)
  • ZIPCODE (Required)
** Send this info to: Chris Anderson

What Is Your Criterion?

Our major driver is Internal Rate of Return over the expected hold period. Depending upon entry equity, cashflow, and appreciation, then there is many ways to achieve the right scenario. So, yes, we do require to purchase below market value but there are other factors we weigh as well.

Let me give you a typical example of what works.....  Suppose you have a property in an area that is truly expected to appreciate at 6%+ per year.  If you can offer this property at 10% below street value and this property will approximately cashflow with 10% down, then we have a great chance of working something out.

How Much Will It Cost?

Typically our real estate fees are in-line with would you would pay to a local brokerage to market your property so those should be in line with what you were expecting to pay anyway. Exact numbers will be discussed if we start to move towards a deal with you.

How Many Will You Buy?

Really depends. Anything less than 10-15 units probably does not make sense for us because of the size of our group. On the other hand, we don't want to put in more investors than the project can comfortable support. Typically, expect 15-50 units being a reasonable target.

How Fast?

If your opportunity is truly exceptional, then the sales process can be reasonably quick. Specifically, we require:

  • 2-3 days to analyze your project;
  • Depending upon our schedule, 1-2 weeks to visit the property and iron out all details;
  • 1 week of us providing due diligence info to our Mastermind Group;
  • Sales event with typically rapid (1-3 day) sell out;
  • 1 week post event to allow for clients to visit;
  • Closing along normal schedules.

Do You Pool Monies (Private Placement) Or By As Individuals?

At, we operate simply as a source of information for individual buyers. For a project with 15+ units that can be sold to individuals, then we collect all the necessary due diligence information for our clients and try to bring them attractive opportunities. At this time, we are not doing any private placement or pooling of funds.

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